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(the price-list is valid from 09.03.2022)

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  Outreach t/m From beside Load capacity Trailer length Hourly rate Price per km JIBI Hourly rate
Scania G 440
full trailer
16,5m 82 12,0t 11,0t 6,3m 60 € 25,0m 65 €
7m 60 €
Scania P420
full trailer
20,0m 42 6,0t 10,0t 6,5m 52 € 28,5m 55 €
7m 52 €
MB Actros
full trailer
17,0m 36 3,0t 11,0t 6,1m 44 € 25,5m 55 €
7m 50 €
Volvo FH12 16,0m 56 9,0t 11,0t 6,3m 52 € 27,5m 55 €
MAN 420TGA 14,8m 24 3,5t 12,0t 8,0m 44 €
MAN 21S/DGS 14,8m 24 2,5t 11,0t 7,0m 44 €
DAF CF 75.310 12,0m 15 1,5t 12,5t 9,0m 44 €
18,0m 36 4,0t 24,0t 12,0m 50 €
Platform 12,0m 39 €  
Trailer 12,0m 65 €
Tent 12,0m 39 €
Toyota Proace 2,0t 25 €  

Volvo Excavator EC250E Tiltrotator Hydraulic hammer
The price is calculated through the price offer

Work with kilometer prices is calculated through price offers.
The approximate price is the average price of a gas station -20%
All prices are without VAT.

Freight haulage is being regulated by international requirements that lay down the limit mass as well as dimensions of vehicles and trailers used in transport.

Terms and conditions of Abiveod OÜ
The client must study and take into account the following terms and conditions, rights and obligations.

1. The contractor is obliged to provide the client lifting and/or transport service in accordance with the order submitted by the client and the client is obliged to pay the Contractor a fee for the rendered service according to the agreed price, and on the basis of the invoice submitted by the Contractor in accordance with the order sheet. The Client shall pay for the services by the due payment date indicated on the invoice. If the invoice is not paid by the due payment date, an overdue penalty of 0.5% a day shall be added to the invoice.

2. Contracting does not include the Contractor’s obligation to acquire the necessary permits and approvals related to the performance of work, and carry out preparation works on the site (permits of road or land owner for placement of a transport vehicle, permits for closure of roads, permits for performing work, reinforcement of roads, ensuring sufficient space on the site, etc.) unless agreed otherwise.

3. The Client bears the work-related costs that have caused damage to the property of third persons if the damage is caused by the negligence of the Client and insufficient preparation of work on the site. If the execution of the order includes performance of work which requires special permits or approvals, including permits to close roads and streets, place means of work, placement of traffic signs or non-traffic information means and transport of wide loads or heavy loads, the client shall be required to obtain all the necessary permits and approvals unless agreed otherwise. In case of lack of necessary permits, the Contractor is entitled to request from the Client unearned income and refuse from the performance of the order. The Client is responsible to the Contractor for all claims, fines and damages that are caused by lack of permits and approvals required to perform work, including fines and claims that are drawn up and submitted to the Contractor or to the driver of the means of transport.

4. The Client bears the costs related to the use of equipment and mechanisms necessary for performance of the job, including means of transport unless agreed otherwise.

5. In performing works which include total or partial closure or rerouting of traffic, it is necessary to prepare or obtain the necessary transport organisation schemes and mark the work area in accordance with valid legal acts, including putting up the necessary traffic organisation means, fences and necessary references, as well as organise after-work cleaning.

6. The price of contracting is accounted to the work time of the means of transport in accordance with the price list of Abiveod OÜ. The worktime of a means of transport starts with the departure of the means of transport from the garage site at Vana-Narva mnt 28, Maardu, Jõelähtme municipality (starting time of service provision) and ends with the arrival in the garage site (end time of service provision). Minimum rent time is 1 h, rent time is calculated at the accuracy of 30 minutes.

7. Work on weekends is 25% more expensive, public holidays and night work (22: 00-6: 00) are 50% more expensive, unless agreed otherwise. Prices for oversized cargo are agreed separately.

8. The Client is responsible for causing damage to the means of transport. If the means of transport gets thoroughly soiled and/or stuck on the site, the Client shall be responsible for the washing and towing costs of the vehicle.

9. Legal representatives and/or authorised persons of the Client who has issued a power of attorney grant an irrevocable consent to the Contractor to fulfil all obligations assumed by the Client solidarily with the Client.

10. The Client is obliged to notify Abiveod immediately of circumstances that do not enable to execute rights arising or fulfil obligations resulting this Contract if the obstacle may influence execution of rights or fulfilment of obligations of Abiveod.

11. In case the Client as a legal person develops payment problems, all obligations to the Contract shall be transferred on the same terms and conditions to the Client’s representative who is a physical person or to the member of the management board.

12. All complaints with regard to the quality of the service, etc. must be submitted in writing within 24 hours from the occurrence of an incident or circumstances that are the basis for the complaint. For solving the complaint, the representative of the Contractor must be called to visit the site. Later complaints shall not be reviewed.

13. The contact for services is considered entered into also by issuing of a letter of guarantee that is signed by the client or its representative and that includes a remark that the client has studied the general terms and conditions of the contract for services and the price list. If it is subsequently found out that person who signed the contract is not authorised by the Client, the parties consider that the contract of services has been entered into between the Contractor and the person who signed the contract. In this case the person who signed the contract guarantees the fulfilment of obligations assumed by the contract and payment of invoices.

We also adhere to Article 7 in the Tallinn property maintenance rules on the obligations to maintain property in construction and repair work:

People performing construction and repair work must (1) avoid soiling roads and pavements and neighbouring properties with mud and rubbish from the site. To this aim, the site’s working surface must be covered starting from installation of scaffolding and by building a hard-cover surface for transport. The tires of vehicles leaving the construction site must be clean by washing them, if necessary.

Maximum dimensions of goods in road haulage for full trailers and semi-trailers are as follows:

Weight of goods up to 24 tons. Volume of goods between 85 and 112 cbm (depending on the type of trailer). Loading area up to 13.6 loading metres (running metres of trailer length). Volume up to 34 Europallets Volume up to 25 FIN pallets For road haulage, the goods can be carried either as Full Truck Load (FTL) or Less Truck Load (LTL) Documentation included in every shipment in road haulage: waybill, invoice and/or packing sheet issued by the consignor CMR – international waybill that is fulfilled by the road hauler on loading site, one copy of which is given to the consignor, another to the consignee and the third copy to the hauler as proof of completed haulage.